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Reliable, Punctual and Affordable Taxi Service for you!

Reserve a ride with us if you are travelling to a wedding, engagement, or parties:

Getting ready for a special occasion like a wedding, engagement or birthday? Plan ahead for your guest’s transportation between locations so they can enjoy the day knowing all the arrangements have been made for them.

Excellent special occasion

Taxi services

Excellent special occasion transportation services are offered by SouthSide Airport Taxi around-the-clock at a reasonable cost. Don’t worry about pricey limousines. Book clean special occasion automobiles at standard taxi prices. Contact us, and we will provide you with an exact quote for all of your special occasion transportation needs.

Afordable Pricing

We never surge like rideshare companies. Our prices are reasonable and affordable!


We have a fleet of luxury and comfortable taxis, thus providing our customers with comfortable rides!


Our drivers are professional, presentable, and always on time, adding professionalism to our business.

Bigger in size

Better in comfortability

We provide safe and comfortable rides to your special occasion location!

When and why

do you need a Taxi?

Our Special Occasion Transportation features are

  • Travel Comfortably and Safely
  • No waiting and arrive on Time.
  • 24/7 Drivers available
  • Save on other transport:
  • Fixed price:
  • Travel together in a group

How To

Order a Taxi

Just follow the below steps to order a taxi..!!!

Booking Taxi

You can book your taxi very easily by filling out the Book Online form on our website.

Get a Driver

After you confirm your ride, you will be assigned a taxi with a professional driver.

Enjoy Your Ride

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride in our comfortable vehicles

Pay Your Taxi

Pay the metered or fixed fare to your driver at the end of the journey.